Small Business Disaster Kit

Are you prepared if something happens to your business? Find out what records you need.

Vital financial records must be preserved in the event of a disaster. Copies of the following documents should be available for taking with you if you have to leave your home in an emergency. You could scan these documents into your computer and take a disc or flash drive instead of paper copies.

  • Client and vendor lists with contact information
  • Employee information; up-to-date payroll records
  • Credit cards
  • Powers of attorney
  • Property deeds and mortgage papers
  • Recent bank and brokerage statements and stock and bond certificates
  • Car titles and registrations
  • Insurance policies (liability, health, disability, auto, business owners, errors and omission, renters)
  • Company benefits
  • List (or pictures) of valuables and their worth as well as a list (or pictures) of other possessions
  • Recent income tax returns
  • Recent checking account records and checks
  • Backups of digital information and software
  • Backups of client and vendor contracts and important file information
  • Copies of business plans and operation schedules and methods
  • Copies of inventory of goods and supplies
  • Will with instructions for dealing with your business affairs.

Also have the telephone numbers and email addresses of anyone you might have to contact e.g. clients, vendors, financial advisors, insurance companies, banks, and credit card companies. Consider having a week’s supply of cash and a roll of quarters, as well as instructions to your loved ones to help them handle your business affairs if you are not available.